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Union protestors urged to utilize local agency to connect with employers

By Carol McIntire

Protesters on the Square
Union protestors from across Ohio lined the bottom of Public Square in Carrollton several days last week carrying signs urging employers to hire local workers. A portion of the group met with county commissioners Thursday.

Seven members of protestors who have lined the streets of Carrollton the past few weeks made their second visit to a Carroll County Commissioners’ meeting last week.

Curt Mayle, business manager for Laborers Local 1015, and Vince Irvin, state apprenticeship coordinator, were joined by five union members.  They told commissioners they are “receiving good feedback from the residents of Carroll County and have heard “tragic stories of what had happened to people where the gas and oil industry has not been good to them.”

Mayle said over 120 union journeymen are not working. Wallace Lively, a member of the pipeliner’s union #798, told commissioners he is a welder and pipeliner and “needs a job.”

Commissioner Tom Wheaton asked if anyone had followed up a meeting with Kate Offenberger, director of the Carroll County Department of Job and Family Services. “I suggest you get a list of how many people your union has available to work and their skills to Kate,” Wheaton stated.

“Those who are not working or want a better or different job have the opportunity to submit their resume to Job and Family Services,” he said. Employers also submit their needs to DJFS and by working the two together they can match up an employee with the skills the employer needs to get the job done.”

Irvin said he planned to meet with Offenberger soon to determine how the two can work together.

Commissioner Bob Wirkner said he attended a Retail Merchants meeting earlier that morning where the topic of conversation was customers not desiring to visit the downtown area and the businesses because of the protestors.

“If you want to put your best foot forward and make a favorable impression for your organization you might want to share that with your group and spread them out and not congregate in one location. People tend to shy away from large groups like that.”

Mayle said contrary to what was printed in a daily newspaper his people were not restraining people from parking in spaces and spitting on vehicles.

During the nearly one hour discussion, Commissioner Jeff Ohler asked the group if a company they claim laid off all its Ohio workers, had to answer to anyone for its actions.

“The only way would be if you as commissioners provisions in contracts to hire so many local people,” Irwin replied.

“We don’t have that kind of authority,” replied Ohler.

Irwin and Mayle asked commissioners if they could facilitate a meeting between the union and the company they accused of laying off all its Ohio workers.

Commissioner Wheaton said he would “see what he could do” but was not making any promises.

On Monday, Offenberger said she received information at DJFS from the company in question stating they were going to hire equipment operators, truck drivers and laborers. She urged anyone interested in apply for the positions to contact Connectoins at 330-627-3804.

Mayle said he was scheduled to attend a meeting in another state this week so the protestors would not be stationed in Carrollton.

In other business, commissioners:
-SIGNED a proclamation at the request of Chad Conrad, director of the Muskingum Lakes Chapter of the American Red Cross proclaiming March 18-22 as Carroll County Red Cross Week. Several activities are planned, including a fundraiser night at the Carrollton Ponderosa March 19 and a luncheon fundraiser March 20.

“Our goal is to promote awareness of the Red Cross in Carroll County and let people know there are services available to them,” Conrad stated.

-APPOINTED Ohler to the board of directors of the Multi County Juvenile Attention System and Wheaton as the alternate through 2013.

-APPROVED the following Road Use Maintenance Agreements (RUMA):
-Cardinal Gas Services LCC to use a portion of Poppy Rd. for access to the Appalachian well connect; Poinsettia Rd. for access to the Stoney Lake Pipeline (Watlers well connect to Gartrell well connect); and Pronto and Calvary roads for access to the Lucas well connect.

Chesapeake Exploration LLC for use of Saber Rd. for access to the Javersak well site in Perry Twp., Parma and Avon roads for access to the Hinks well site in Fox Twp.; Aurora and Meter roads for access to the Bainter well site in East Twp. and Apollo, Arbor and Mountain roads for access to the South Farms well site.

-DISCUSSED a shortfall in the county’s parking lot fund of $1,243 and agreed to take money from the general fund to cover the shortage. Commissioners agreed to discuss the matter with the parking lot committee to review the situation and allow the committee to make a recommendation before taking any further action.

-APPROVED a contract with Roger Westfall to provide engineering services for the gasline relocation project at the Golden Age Retreat at a cost of approximately $6,900. Wirkner said the scope of the project is larger than was first anticipated and will require the services of an engineer.

-RECEIVED the weekly dog pound report showing eight dogs impounded, six tagged and three redeemed. One dog hit by a car was put to sleep. There was one citation issued to the owner of a dog running at large.

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Union protestors urged to utilize local agency to connect with employers
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