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Winter arrives!

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First snow
SNOW REMOVAL TEAM. The Brackin children (from left) Clint, Craig and Eric, set out Friday morning as a team to clean snow from sidewalks at their grandmother, aunt and parents homes along South Lisbon St. in Carrollton. Eric and Craig (twins) are seven years old and Clint is eight years old. The trio said they enjoy shoveling snow, but their favorite part is the hot chocolate their mom serves when they are finished. They are the children of Jim and Leslie Brackin.

Just when area residents were beginning to believe the mild winter weather experienced last year might become the norm, Old Man Winter blew into the county and provided a reality check.

With winter comes snow, and the county received its first major snowfall Dec. 26. Just when residents had “dug and plowed themselves out,” it hit again, Dec. 29, leaving no doubt this is northeast Ohio and snow is going to fall.

Carroll County Emergency Management Agency  (EMA) Director Tom Cottis said the official snowfall location for Carroll County (located in Leesville) registered 5.4 inches Dec. 26 although some areas in the county received more snow and others less.

The Dec. 29 snowstorm generally dumped between four and six additional inches of snow on the county.

State, county, village and township snow removal crews worked almost around the clock to clear highways and alleys.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol send out new releases urging motorist to slow down and take extra precautions when on the highway. Readers will find stories on page B-1 relating to winter weather conditions, watches, warning and advisories and tips for winter weather dressing.

According to Inellicast.com, the authority in expert weather, the average snowfall for Carrollton is 3.1 inches during the month of December.

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Winter arrives!
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