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Antiques, collectables, vintage items are all under the same roof at new business

FPS staff report

Village Resale Shop
Brad (left) and Natasha Baxter check the window display in their new store, Village Resale Shop in Carrollton.

Natasha and Brad Baxter are turning their appreciation for antique, collectable and vintage items into a business.

The couple recently opened a business known as the Village Resale Shop in a building at 220 N. High St., Carrollton.

Natasha manages the business while Brad works a full-time job, but both work evenings and weekends along with friends and family to purchase, sort and prepare items for the store.

“Our inventory changes weekly,” Natasha noted. “We buy entire estates, go to auctions and buy from private individuals. We have a lot of assistance from family and friends on the weekends. It would be rough without them.”

Brad said he has always “been into reselling cars” and has been a collector of antiques.

“Natasha and I started going to auctions and buying items for our own collections,” Brad stated. “We decided we could provide a service to the community if we were able to purchase items at lower cost and then sell them at a reasonable price. It’s simple: if we buy an antique for a lower cost, we are going to pass the savings along to the customer.”

Natasha said she has always had an appreciation for older things.

“Many of them are built better and they have character,” she said. “Both Brad and I are auction buffs. It’s a partnership. We both have knowledge about items in different areas and it works well.”

The two have filled the store with a variety of items ranging from antiques and collectables (both large and small) to vintage items, jewelry, glassware, crafts consigned by local residents, artwork and miscellaneous items; even Christmas ornaments made by her son Conner.

“It’s also a learning process,” admitted Natasha, who also operates an e-bay store. “Everyday it seems there is something new to learn. Our customers also provide a lot of knowledge about items.”

The pair understands the idea of cooperating with other local businesses.

“We work extremely well with the local Hospice store,” the couple said. “They sell clothing items and we don’t. We sell furniture and larger items and they don’t. We work well together for the benefit of the community.”

They are building a customer base that spans the local community as well as other parts of Ohio and surrounding states.

“The fact that our inventory changes weekly gives customers a reason to return to the store,” Natasha said. “You never know what you’re going to find.”

She has established a Facebook page, Village Resale Shop, that can be accessed by Facebook users. The page features many items in the store and changes weekly.

Hours are 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday. The business can be reached by calling 330-440-3631.

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