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Eick Electric has new owner, new name

FPS staff report

MJ McCoy Electric
Jason McCoy, owner of MJ McCoy Electric, is shown above ready to remove supplies from his company vehicle and begin a job for a customer.

Jason McCoy was an employee of Eick Electric for two years. Now he is the owner of the company.

McCoy who has been working in the electrical field since the age of 19, purchased the electrical service portion of the business late in 2012 from Ron Eick and has renamed it MJ McCoy Electric. Eick continues to operate the generator portion of the business.

McCoy took the National Electrical Code (NEC) test in Columbus and received his OSHA training in West Virginia. The last 16 years, he says, have been “on the job training.”

The business has two full-time employees. That number increases to five employees when the work load requires it.  “Ron built a very reputable business over the years since he started it in 1996,” McCoy said. “My goal is to continue to provide the quality service customers have come to expect.”

“I love the Carrollton community,” he added, noting he moved to the area from South Carolina a couple years ago. “I am looking forward to getting to know more folks and meeting their electrical needs.”

McCoy and his fiancé, April Hoopes, have a total of five children.

To reach MJ McCoy or the business, which is located at 11 Arrow Rd., Carrollton, call 304-844-1832 or send a mail to mjmccoy0608@gmail.com.

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