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Bon Appalachia marketing project features food-related destinations

FPS staff report

Businesses involved in food-related destinations are encouraged to enroll in Bon Appalachia!

Ohio’s Appalachian Country (OAC) announced the start-up of a project for the Appalachian Region, spearheaded by the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC).   Bon Appalachia! is a newly created marketing effort of the ARC Tourism Council designed to showcase the unique local foods of the Appalachian Region. 

The ARC has partnered with American Heritage Publishing to produce a printed map and an interactive website to promote Bon Appalachia!  The printed piece will be distributed within American Heritage Magazines in the Spring 2014 Issue. 

The interactive website, www.visitappalachia.com, will release at the same time, and will include more detailed information and searchable maps to locate food businesses and events throughout the 13-state region.
The collaboration is designed to boost tourism and stimulate economic development in the Appalachian region by showcasing its food heritage and agritourism attractions.  Sites to be featured will include local farms, farmers markets, farm-to-table restaurants and other distinctive food related destinations.

Any local foods restaurant, festival, winery, distillery, special food producer, or farm tour may participate as long as they are located in Ohio’s 30 Appalachian County Region.  Bon Appalachia! participants will be selected through an online nominations process.

To access the online nominations process, visit appfoodguide.com. Nominations must be submitted by May 15th.  The nominations form takes about 10 minutes to complete.  Nominees should submit the form themselves.

All nominees will be considered to participate in the map as well as being included on the interactive website.  The ARC Tourism Council will make the final decision on who will be featured. 

For more information, contact Paige Alost of the Athens County CVB at 740-592-1819 or palost@athensohio.com.  Additional information is available by emailing info@arc.gov.

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