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Author Richard McElroy plans book signing Feb. 21 at Paperworks

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A Carrollton High School graduate and Hall of Fame inductee has authored his 12th book as a presidential scholar and historian.

Richard McElroy of Canton, formerly of Carrollton, will hold a book signing for his latest edition titled “American Presidents and First Ladies” from 1 to 4 p.m. this Friday, Feb. 21, at Paperworks and More located at 789 N. Lisbon St. in Carrollton.

Work on the 300-page book began in 1999 and was just completed last month. It is a unique culmination of research from a variety of sources including presidential papers and diaries, archives and old newspaper articles, letters and telegrams from the White House, along with some recently discovered material not included in the first three volumes authored by McElroy.

Several of the stories and anecdotes, some mentioned for the first time, are based on interviews by McElroy with the children, grandchildren and descendants of presidents, including the Polk, Cleveland, McKinley, Taft, Coolidge and both Roosevelt families.

There also are special rankings and lists, which include the Top Cigar Smokers, The Greatest Movie Watchers, the Most Intellectual Chief Executives, the Presidents and First Ladies With the Quickest Wit and the Most Physically Fit Presidents.

Cost of the book is $25 plus $4.95 for shipping and handling and may be ordered by requesting a mail order form from American Presidents’ Book, 3751 Shanabruck NW, Canton, OH 44709.

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Author Richard McElroy plans book signing Feb. 21 at Paperworks