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Abe Schaffer pens ‘thriller’ screenplay

By Leigh Ann Rutledge
Accent Editor

Widow's Creek Monster
FROM THE FOG. Under the guidance of Director Josh Thornton, members film a portion of a teaser for the flim “Widow’s Creek” written by Abe Schaffer.

That feeling, your breath quickens.  Are your eyes playing tricks on you? 

The creek slithers silently through the overgrown shadow of trees while the slice of moon casts a dim light.  Is someone really there?  With the hair standing up on the back of your neck and chills running down your back, you ask yourself:

“Do you believe in ghosts?”

“Widow’s Creek” is a thriller-horror film written by Abe Schaffer of Carrollton.  The movie revolves around the legend of a witch named Livinia Cole, who died around 200 years ago and is said to have haunted Widow’s Creek since her death.  When four area boys sneak out to camp at the creek, they discover the witch is real.  Their fathers go after them and make a deal with Livinia to get the boys back.  However, five years later, the deal is broken and Livinia is coming after everyone.

After six months of getting up early, Schaffer finished his script about a year ago.  He researched directors online and found Director Josh Thornton of Columbus.  Thornton has previous experience in the thriller genre and his work can be viewed on Vimeo as Arginate Studios. 

Schaffer contacted Thornton about six months ago and they began discussing producing the movie.

“I wanted to do something different and the script is good,” said Thornton.  Schaffer, Thornton and his colleagues were in Dellroy filming a two-minute teaser to use for fundraising to produce the movie.  Schaffer advertised for a “creepy creek” and Sean Hinkle, who attended Carrollton High School with Schaffer, volunteered the use of the property he and his father, John, own on SR 39.

Thornton and his crew scouted the location for scene set up and filmed from dark until after sunrise. 

“It was amazing watching the crew filming,” said Schaffer.  “A portion of the film will be filmed in Carrollton and Columbus and throughout Ohio.” 

The film has a facebook page and an online fundraising campaign is underway. 

Schaffer has been writing horror stories since third grade.  He also composes lyrics, short stories and poems. 

“I decided to try my hand at screen writing,” stated Schaffer.  “I look at it as a dream.  I set a goal and I can either dream it or do it.”

Obviously, Schaffer did it and said, “The process of making this dream come true is going to be a lot of fun.”

To learn more about the movie or for fundraising options, visit Widow’s Creek’s facebook page at facebook.com/widowscreekthemovie.

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