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Holmes family ties photos in donated album to McCook family

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McCook family album
FAMILY DONATION. The children and families of David Holmes donated a McCook Family photo album to the McCook House Civil War Museum. They are shown above from left: Matthew Landes, Rachael Landes, Jeff Landes, Susan (Holmes) Landes, David Holmes, Patti Holmes and Dorothy Holmes.

A well-traveled photo album has found a permanent home in the McCook House Civil War Museum on Public Square in Carrollton.

David Holmes of Georgia and Susan (Holmes) Landes of West Virginia and their families donated a McCook Family photo album to the Carroll County Historical Society May 18 during a weekend celebration of the seasonal opening of the McCook House.

The album was given to Mrs. S.C. (Samuel Clemens) Smoot, David and Susan’s great great grandmother, in 1862 by Daniel McCook, Jr.  The album passed through the Holmes family and into the possession of their father, David Holmes, before World War II.  A merchant marine officer, the album traveled to Russia, England and was with him when he served in the Pacific Theater.  After being torpedoed twice, Holmes decided the album would be safer remaining in San Fransisco.

“We grew up seeing these photos and listening to the history of the album,” David and Susan said.  “We grew up playing in Peachtree Creek.” 
The album was passed down to David when his father passed away in 1996.  After much discussion, the siblings decided they wanted the McCook House Civil War Museum to have the photo album for the permanent collection. 

“We wanted the entire world see this piece of history.  It is the first time it has left the family’s possession in 150 years,” said David, who added laughing,  “When the news media learned of our donation, it was the first time an Atlanta paper ever made a big deal over a Union officer.” 

The photo album and replicas of the original photos are on display in the museum.  The album contains many never-before-seen photos of the McCook family.  One photo shows Dan McCook standing with his beloved Henry rifle which is also on display at the museum.

The McCook House Civil War Museum is open Memorial Day through Labor Day and the second weekend in October from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday and Saturday and 1-5 p.m. Sunday. 

For more information, call 330-627-3345 or 1-800-600-7172 or visit www.carrollcountyohio.com.

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Holmes family ties photos in donated album to McCook family
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