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Local storyteller/musician headlines Carroll County Humane Society benefit

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The first Carroll County Humane Society Benefit will be April 15 from 1-5 p.m. at Carroll County Community Park on SR 39, outside of Carrollton.

Louisa Rhodes, a senior at Carrollton High School (CHS), will host the event, which features local performers including Chris Reins, Shallowake, Carroll County High School students and the Carrollton Showstoppers. 

The benefit was conceived by Rhodes, who along with other CHS students, is working to give back to the community, specifically the Carroll County Humane Society. There will be food, face painting, raffles for gift baskets and gift cards donated by local businesses and a 50/50 drawing, all for a nominal fee.  Not only is the public invited, dogs are welcome but must be leashed.

Reins will perform his new song, “The Horse.”  The song tells the story of a young boy from a broken home who befriends a wild horse.   After the horse is broken the boy names him Lucky.  In the song the boy learns about life through his experiences with the horse.  Reins gives insight into the song saying, “Sometimes we have to depend on outside forces, other people you wouldn’t expect or even experiences with animals to teach us about life.”

 When asked if there were any connections to his own life, Reins replied, “Absolutely, besides coming from a “broken” home, at an early age my mother owned a horse named Lucky.  There are other similarities that are very personal to me.”   It is truly a heartfelt song.  “I’m a big fan of Gordon Lightfoot and any singer/songwriter who is a storyteller.  “The Horse,” is the closest thing that I have to a Gordon Lightfoot song.”  He has over 60 songs under copyright and another 60 songs ready to go. 

When not performing as Chris Reins, Chris is known as Mr. Vogt.  A recent graduate of the University of Akron, with a master’s degree in education, Language Arts grades 7-12, he is a substitute teacher.

Performing as Reins, he won second place at the Carroll County Hospice Benefit in November of last year performing an original composition entitled, “Hayride.”  “I always accept an outstretched hand.  That’s why I am so excited to be part of this upcoming event,” he said.

Dick Griffin, Carroll County Humane Society president, and Reins hope to make this an annual event with the help of Carrollton High School, their teachers, future juniors and seniors, and local businesses.  If necessary, the rain date would be April 22.         

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Local storyteller/musician headlines Carroll County Humane Society benefit
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