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Donation to fund Community Park soccer field improvements

FPS staff report

A donation has been designated for renovation of the soccer field at Carroll Community Park located at 1061 Salineville Rd., Carrollton.

The Carroll County Parks District announced a $25,000 donation was received from Fusion Ceramics of Carrollton.

“The existing field was an open field and used by athletic groups.  A large crown down the center of the field is not very friendly for soccer,” Dale Alexander, executive director of Carroll County Park District, stated.  “The field is rough.  The soccer field renovation will level the playing field and improve soil conditions to grow stronger and healthier turf needed for soccer and other sports.”

Fusion Ceramics and Rick Hannon, Fusion’s president, believe being responsible to the community is part of the company’s mission.  Hannon serves as vice president of the Carroll County Park District Board.

“Clearly, the Fusion employees and Rick Hannon are showing a great amount of community commitment and support,” said Alexander.  “The park district thanks Fusion Ceramics for their dedication to the community by providing this outstanding donation.”

The Carroll County Park District relies on donations and gifts from individuals and businesses for operations and capital projects.  Anyone interested in submitting a donation or gift, can contact Alexander at 330-627-8046 or dalexander@ccparkdistrict.org.

The Carroll County Park District owns and operates Carroll Community Park and Bluebird Farm Park, 190 Alamo Rd., Carrollton, where district offices are located.   

Information can be found at www.ccparkdistrict.org.

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Donation to fund Community Park soccer field improvements

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