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Beware of the Pink pack attack!

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Beware of the Pink Pack attack
Members of Girl Scout Troop #60225 are shown above with a collection of pink flamingos which will be used in the troop’s “Flocking Flamingos Fundraiser.” By calling “Flamingo HQ” residents can support the troop and “flock” a friend or family member.
From left are: Faith Dillon, McKenzie Fiester, Hailey Edie, Kailee Dunlap, Libby Minor, and Kaylee Joseph.

Cooler temperatures won’t be the only thing making us reminiscent for those hot and hazy days of summer!

Girl Scout Troop #60225 is holding a “Flocking Flamingos Fundraiser” Nov. 1 through Dec. 14.  “What?” the public may be thinking.

For a fee, pink flamingos will roost on the lawn of a loved one, friend, or neighbor for a day or longer until they mysteriously migrate to another lawn.  Flocking can be done anonymously or with a name attached.

Troop Leader Jen Minor explained, “The flocking is done in good spirits and is not meant to be mean to anyone for the flamingos. Removal of the flock of pink flamingos should only be attempted by ‘trained flocking professionals.’ Fortunately our removal technicians are highly skilled.”

Flocking and migration will take place in the order requests are received.  “Flocking technicians” can notify you of migration. 

For those who fear the flamingo, the troop is offering “Anti-Flocking Insurance” policies or “Anti-Reflocking” insurance policies, complete with a certificate for $10.

Cost is $10 for a small flock (12 flamingos); $15, medium flock of 24; $20, large flock of 36; or $30, super size flock of 60 flamingos.  The prices are for Carroll County residents only.  Adjacent counties should add an additional $10 per flock.

Flocking order forms and Anti-Flocking insurance forms are available at Archer’s Restaurant on Public Square in Carrollton.  In-person flocking orders will be accepted from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. daily. 

For phone inquiries regarding the fundraiser, contact Flamingo Headquarters at 330-627-1212. (No calls to Archer’s Restaurant.)

Girl Scout Troop #60225 is planning a trip to Philadelphia, PA, next summer to see the Liberty Bell, the home of Betsy Ross, The Constitution Center, Independence Hall and The Franklin Institute.  The trip will conclude at Hershey Park for the Girl Scout Camporee.

“In order for all troop members to participate, we must raise funds,” stated Minor.  “We understand times are tough and some may not be able to participate, but we hope everyone enjoys the surprise flocking and appreciates the spirit and good will with which it was intended.”

To see flocking pictures, like the Facebook page “Girl Scout Troop #60225 Flocking Flamingo Fundraiser.”

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Beware of the Pink pack attack!
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