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Attendance is up at Algonquin Mill Festival

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Algonquin Mill Festival 2013
RIDING HIGH. Shawn Waston of Homeworth rides an antique bicycle at the annual Algonquin Mill Festival.

Another successful Algonquin Mill Festival!

“We were blessed with another good year weatherwise,” stated Dave McMahon, president of the Carroll County Historical Society.  “I was on the grounds throughout the festival and everyone was enjoying themselves.”

According to preliminary reports, an additional 150 cars parked on the grounds resulting in an increase in attendance of around 500 people over last year’s three-day total of 25,000.  Monetary figures look to match last year’s, noted McMahon.  “Friday and Saturday’s revenue was up and the drizzle brought Sunday’s down a bit,” he said.  “On the whole, it should even out to be equal with last year.”

The society sold out of sauerkraut (made from seven ton of cabbage) around 3:45 p.m. Saturday and a vendor sold out of fudge and was not able to return Sunday.  Additional supplies were also required for the food booths.

The two new structures on the property worked very well, according to McMahon.  “Having the new supply building was a plus,” he stated.  “It was much easier to regulate the supplies and keep the stands stocked.  When an item was needed, volunteers were able to attend to the request immediately.”

The year-round multi-purpose office building located behind the schoolhouse allotted volunteers double the amount of space for the overall operation of the festival.  McMahon noted the donation of the building (the former Huebner Chevrolet Doggie lot building) was greatly appreciated and finishing touches are expected to be completed soon.
McMahon, who is enjoying his presidency, admitted the Carroll County Historical Society has a couple projects they are looking into for the future.  Plus the society will make continual improvements to displays and historical preservation.  The Nevin-Beckley springhouse has been moved to the festival grounds and will be reconstructed.  The society continues to investigate options for moving the Beckley homestead which was a part of the underground railroad.

The 44th Algonquin Mill Festival is scheduled for Oct. 10-12, 2014.  For more information about the Algonquin Mill complex and the Carroll County Historical Society, visit www.carrollcountyohio.com.

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Attendance is up at Algonquin Mill Festival
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