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Have residents’ ideals really changed since 1927?  We want to find out!

By Leigh Ann Rutledge
Accent Editor

What do you think Carrollton needs? 
According to residents in 1927, the village needed a “satisfactory sewer system, playgrounds, co-operation among business owners and an investment in young people.”

In short, they felt the need for many of the same things needed today. 

In 1927, The Free Press Standard (FPS) staff asked residents what they felt the village’s needs were.

Answers were published in a series of articles.

The letters were written by village officials, judges, pastors, and average citizens, both named and anonymous. 

At the time, while Charles Lindbergh was flying the first solo trip across the Atlantic, Babe Ruth was hitting the 30th of 60 home runs, Mt. Rushmore construction was beginning and the first Ford Truck, the Model AA, was on the production line, Carrollton had a population of 2,768 and was home to several factories and retail venues.

Today, Carrollton has a population of 3,241 according to the US Census Bureau in 2010.  The village is in constant change due to numerous circumstances, including the influx of the gas and oil industry.

What do you think Carrollton needs?  The FPS is accepting letters and comments from the residents of Carroll County to be published in a future issue.  As in 1927, all communication will receive the same consideration. 

No profanity or negative comments against individuals will be printed.  All communication must be signed and include a telephone number (for contact purposes only).

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Have residents’ ideals really changed since 1927?  We want to find out!
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