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State Fair Bound

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State Fair Bound

Carroll County 4-H members earning a chance to compete at the Ohio State Fair with projects exhibited on Project Exhibit Day are shown above.
Front from left: Faith Willis, Jaden Cook, Hannah Petersen, Tanner Kauffman, Annabel Vernier, Hannah Romeo and Sadie Ann Romeo.
Second row from left: Eden Dewitz, Connor Rutledge, Thomas Rutledge, Olivia Romeo, James Barnhart, Dakota Hay, and Cassidy Bajornas.
Third row from left: Mariah Bell, Christopher Gromley, Cindy McDole, Caycee Adams, Bryden Adams, Elizabeth Hartmann, and Mellicent Costarella.
Fourth row from left: Dominique Costarella, Zach Oboy, Floyd Craft, Anthony Costarella, Brittany Rohr, and Jaycee Flanagan.
Back row from left: Natalie Romeo, Benjamin Romeo and Jennifer Barnhart.

Several Carroll County 4-H members received outstanding ribbons and the opportunity to represent the county at the Ohio State Fair during the annual Project Exhibit Day July 13. 

Kelly Sedlak, the Ohio State University (OSU) extension educator for 4-H Youth Development for the county, told 4-H members and their families, “I told my judges to be tough.  Members chosen to represent the county at the state fair level need to be able to compete at that level.”

Sedlak, a native of Vermont,  was hired June 3 as the county’s full-time 4-H agent.  After outstanding and state fair awards were given, the group sang “Happy Birthday” to Sedlak and presented her with a cake.

Winners include:
Clothing and Textile 
Outstanding:  Haley Householder, Sundresses; Annabel Vernier, Sewing Master; and Hannah Petersen, Sew Fun.
State fair:  Petersen, junior; and Vernier, senior.
Best of Day:  Petersen. 
Creative & leisure
Outstanding:  Sadie Ann Romeo, Tanner Kauffman, Zach Oboy, and Emma Russell, Art as an Expression; Felicity McDaniel, Makeover my Space; Lydia Wiley, Writing/Reporting; and E. Russell, puppeteer. 
State Fair: S. Romeo, senior; Kauffman, senior alternate; Oboy, junior; and E. Russell, junior alternate.
Best of Day:  Romeo. 
Food & Nutrition
Payton Randall, Outstanding Senior, Best of Show Senior and State Fair, Grill Master; and Jaden Cook, Outstanding Junior, Best of Show Junior and State Fair, Snack Attack.
Healthy Living
Outstanding:  Mariah Bell, You’re the Athlete; and Jaycee Flanagan, Staying Healthy. 
Best of Show and State Fair:  Flanagan.
Lawn Care
Outstanding:  Cindy McDole, Lawn Care and Warm It Up; Best of Show and State Fair, Lawn Care.
Outstanding:  Mariah Bell, Leadership Roadtrip; Samantha Myers, Discovering 4-H; and Virginia Johnson, Speak Out.  
Best of Day and State Fair:  Bell.
Natural Resources
Outstanding:  Dominique Costarella and Caycee Adams, Let’s Explore the Outdoors; James Barnhart, Basic Beekeeping; Mellicent Costarella, Exploring Forests; and Dalton Ulman, Ohio Birds. 
State Fair:  C. Adams, James Barnhart and M. Costarella.
Best of Day:  James Barnhart. 
Personal Skills
Outstanding:  Mariah Bell, Growing in Communities; and Erika Roberts, Money Wise. 
Best of Day:  Mariah Bell.
Pet Care
Outstanding and Best of Day:  Joey Kukunis, Pocket Pet.
Outstanding:  Bailey Kline, and D. Costarella, Level 1 Focus.   
State Fair:  Kline, senior, and D. Costarella, senior alternate.
Best of Day:  Kline.
Outstanding and Best of Show:  Rebecca McIntyre, You Can Quilt.
Outstanding:  Vernier, Eden Dewitz, and Ryli Bolanz. 
Best of Show and State Fair:  Vernier, senior.
Outstanding:  Floyd Craft, Elizabeth Hartmann, Dakota Hay, Payton Randal, Tanner Kauffman, and Rebecca Gromley.
State Fair:  Hartmann, senior; Kauffman, senior alternate; and Hay, junior.
Best of Day:  Hay, junior; Hartmann, senior.
Shooting Sports
Outstanding:  Hay, James Barnhart, Oboy, rifle; Olivia Romeo, Jacob Romeo; muzzleloading; Jennifer Barnhart, Hannah Romeo, Faith Willis, archery; Benjamin Romeo, Craft, Anthony Costarella, S. Romeo, Jacob Winn, shotgun; Natalie Romeo, Daniel Allen, Jonathan Russell, pistol. 
State Fair:  Jennifer Barnhart, B. Romeo, N. Romeo, senior; Craft, senior alternate; Hay, O. Romeo, H. Romeo, S. Romeo, and Allen, junior; James Barnhart, J. Romeo, Willis, Winn, and J. Russell, junior alternates.
Best of Day:  B. Romeo. 
(Science, Technology,
Engineering and Math)
Outstanding:  Brittany Rohr, Science Fun with Dairy; Gary Baker, Thomas Rutledge, Rockets Away; M. Costarella, Bryden Adams, Rope. 
State Fair:  Rohr, Baker, M. Costarella, senior; B. Adams, senior alternate; T. Rutledge, junior.
Best of Day:  Rohr.
Vet Science
Outstanding:  Melina Bell, Vet 1; Cassidy Bajournas, Vet 2; Katelynn Johnson, Vet 3. 
Best of Day and State Fair:  Bajournas.
Outstanding:  A. Costarella, Baker, Arcs and Sparks. 
State Fair:  A. Costarella, senior; Baker, junior.
Best of Day:  A. Costarella.
Outstanding:  Craft, Nailing It Together; Alexie McNutt, Logan Owens, Petersen, Mason Stackhouse, Measuring Up; Connor Rutledge, Christopher Gromley, Making the Cut. 
State Fair:  Craft, senior; Owens, C. Gromley, junior; Petersen, C. Rutledge, junior alternate.  Best of Day:  Owens.

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State Fair Bound
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