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Members celebrate 50th anniversary of Suburban Garden Club

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Suburban Garden Club anniversary
GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY. Members of the Suburban Garden Club held their 50th anniversary luncheon April 17 at the Ashton House Museum in Carrollton.
Those in attendance include: Front row (from left): Vickie Nign, Pat Roudebush, Sally Whiston (guest speaker), Kathy Hudson, Helen Jones, Joni Yeager, Liz Sweeney, Pam Miller, and Kelly Bryan.
Row 2: Janet Smith, Sonja Roof, Marilyn Addis, Diane Thruston, Judy Lowdermilk, and Pattie Miser.
Inside the gazebo: Joy Smith, Linda Shotwell, Judi Melody, Ruth Ann Albaugh, Barbara Truman, Janet McBride, Linda Moreland, and Becky Day.

The Suburban Garden Club celebrated the 50th anniversary of the club with a luncheon at the Ashton House Museum in Carrollton April 17.

The club was chartered by Vickie Nign in 1963, who was installed as club president in February that year.  In attendance at the celebratory luncheon were 18 past presidents of the club and current president Linda Moreland. 

The club program book was recently awarded second place in the state of Ohio for the small division at the National Convention which Moreland and member Pat Roudebush attended.

Club members plant and maintain plantings at Kiddie Land Park, the Safety Building, and planting beds along SR 332 beside the McCook House Civil War Museum.  This year they will also maintain plantings in front of the former JC Penney building on 2nd St. SE.

Speaker/reactor Sally Whiston was the guest speaker.  A love of American history and a voracious appetite for fiction and non-fiction books has led Whiston to portray historical women. 

For her presentation to the club, she chose to portray her grandmother, Matilda Larson, in 1905, speaking of superstitions and clothing during the Edwardian period. Whiston began “Bringing Women of American History to Life” after she retired and portrays seven women including first ladies, an author and a social activist. 

Whiston portrays First Lady Julia Grant and Edith Roosevelt; Andrew Jackson’s wife, Rachel, and surrogate first lady, Emily Donelson; lawyer, congresswoman and leader of the woman’s movement, Bella Abzug; Louisa May Alcott, author of “Little Women”; and the unsinkable Molly Brown of Titanic fame.

A garage plant sale is planned for June 6 at the home of member Pat Roudebush on 4th St. NE, Carrollton, and the group’s annual plant sale fundraiser will be held later in the month.

“This is an exciting time for our club,” said President Linda Moreland. “Fifty years is a long time for a club to be in existence and helping our community. We are proud to be able to help beautify the village each year.”

The club provides flowers to the Carrollton High School fall and winter homecoming king, queen and court members as well as for the Carroll County Fair king, queen and court members.

They also hang wreaths on street signs throughout the village during the Christmas holiday season and conduct and an annual banquet and auction and donate proceeds to the Carroll County Community Christmas program.

For information or to join the organization, contact any of the club officers. They include Linda Moreland, President; Kelley Bryan, vice president; Pam Miller, treasurer; and Sharon Bellamy, secretary. The Suburban Garden Club is accepting new members. 

For more information on Sally Whiston, visit www.spotlightonhistory.com.

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Members celebrate 50th anniversary of Suburban Garden Club
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