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Pinwheel walk scheduled in recognition of Child Abuse Prevention Month

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Pinwheel walk
PLACING PINWHEELS. Two members of Boy Scout Troop 143 mark the location for additional pinwheels to be displayed on Public Square after the “Pinwheels for Prevention” walk April 13.

The Pinwheels for Prevention Walk is scheduled for April 13 from 10 a.m. to noon in conjunction with April is Child Abuse Prevention Month.

The Carroll County Department of Job and Family Services (DJFS) will host the walk which begins in the DJFS parking lot at 95 E. Main St., Carrollton.  The pinwheels participants will carry represent the number of reports of abuse or neglect investigated in 2012.  Pinwheels will be placed on Public Square at the end of the walk and will be on display the remainder of April.

Carroll County DJFS investigated 234 reports of allegations of abuse or neglect.  According to a DJFS spokesman, many children experience abuse or neglect and are unaware their lives can be different.  The agency’s goal is to reduce abuse by prevention efforts of individuals and the community, and the combined services of counseling agencies, law enforcement, schools and others who have invested their time and efforts into the lives of children.  

“It is the hope of the Department of Job and Family Services, that children find stability, safety and happiness in the present that will continue into their future,” DJFS representatives said.  “It takes a community to raise a child.  Let us all do our part in this task to provide a child with the life they deserve.”

The Carroll County DJFS is planning events throughout April to promote awareness of the growing need for intervention and to alert the public of what they can do to stop the cycle of abuse, including a poster contest for area 4th and 5th grade students.  Information can be obtained at various school offices. 

To report suspected abuse or neglect, call 330-627-7313 or visit the office at 95 E. Main St., Carrollton. 

To make a report after business hours, contact the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office which is located at 43 Second St., S.E., Carrollton, at 330-627-2141.

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Pinwheel walk scheduled in recognition of Child Abuse Prevention Month
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