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Daffodil Dairy Sale dedicated to memory of local ag leaders

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Daffadil Dairy sale
Tracy Evans, a member of the Carroll County Dairy Promotion Board holds a painting to be auctioned off during the annual Daffodil Sale being held March 26.

The 39th annual Daffodil Sale will be held March 26 at 7:30 p.m. at the Carroll County Fairgrounds.

The sale is sponsored by the Daffodil Dairy Sale Committee comprised of members of the Carroll County Dairy Promotion Board.   

The committee is also auctioning a painting of a Holstein cow and calf “Pride’n Joy” by Bonnie Mohr of Wisconsin, during the sale.

Forty-three cattle including Milking Shorthorn, Ayrshire, and Holsteins will be available for purchase.

The 2013 sale is dedicated in memory of Jim Clay and Jack Carle.  Clay served as a vocational agriculture teacher at Carrollton High School before working as the Carroll County Agriculture Agent.  It was during this time, the idea for a dairy sale became a reality.

Carle owned and operated a dairy farm in East Rochester and was an active member of the Daffodil Dairy Sale Committee for many years.

Three vouchers will be given away prior to the sale to three boys or girls, ages 8 to 18.

The vouchers must be used only by the winner toward the purchase of any animal selling in the sale.  Rex Energy has donated a $300 voucher; the Daffodil Sale Committee, $200; and Rosebud Mining, $100.

Steve Andrews of Wooster will serve as auctioneer.

For information on sale day, call 330-323-1364 or 330-606-8397. 

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Daffodil Dairy Sale dedicated to memory of local ag leaders
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