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New containers make recycling easier; no separation required

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New recycling containers
Chris Jacobs, director of Carroll-Columbiana-Harrison Solid Waste District demonstrates the easy use of the side door on the new recycling containers. All recyclable items can be placed in the container together.

Recycling is becoming easier for residents in Carroll County.

They no longer need to separate can from glass, paper from plastic or cardboard. Thanks to the Carroll-Columbiana-Harrison Solid Waste District, they can throw everything into one bag and toss into new recycling containers.

The district will roll out the new containers at Carroll County recycling sites Feb. 1. The new containers are a smaller size and more “people-friendly,” according to officials from the Waste District.   Every drop-off site in Carroll County will receive new recycling containers with sites having from 2-5 containers. 

The new containers have two large lids on top of the container and smaller sliding doors on each side that accommodate “vertically challenged” residents.  The sliding doors on each side are easier to open and easier to reach.

The biggest change involves recycling materials. 

“This means paper products can be mixed with cans and bottles,” said Chris Jacobs, director of the Solid Waste District.  “Residents won’t need to separate recyclables anymore.”

Jacobs feels the containers will make it easier for residents to recycle.  “This change will help us make sure there is room in the containers for all types of recyclables and will allow us to be more efficient,” he said.  “Right now, we have to check the roll-offs each week and schedule them to be switched when they are full.  With the new containers, they will be emptied on a set day each week.” 

Often times, Jacobs said one section of the large recycling containers would be full and others almost empty. The district had to empty the entire container, which was not cost-effective. With the new containers, when it is full, it will be emptied.

According to Jacobs, there are 51 recycling sites in the district and more than a dozen in Carroll County, many of which will be switched out twice a week. 

The new recycling containers are being provided by Kimble Companies of Dover at no charge to the district. Kimble has a contract with the district to transport and empty its recycling containers.
Kimble provided labels for all containers showing the materials which can be deposited into the recycling containers.  The new labels include pictures of the acceptable materials to make it easier for customers to understand what can and cannot go into the bin. 

Kimble recently unveiled an automated recycling facility that has the ability to separate cans and plastics by materials. Some hand-sorting of paper materials will still be required.

“We are asking residents to break down or flatten boxes before placing them in the recycling container,” he said.  “When boxes are not flattened, the containers get full very quickly. Even with the new containers, we don’t want them overflowing because boxes are not flattened.  All it takes is about 10 unflattened boxes to fill a container to the point where no one else can use it.”

District officials are hoping the new containers will encourage residents who have not recycled before to do so.

In 2012, residents recycled a total of nearly a million pounds, which was an increase of just over three percent from 2011 totals.

“By making it easier to recycle, we hope residents will join the effort to cut down on waste,” said Jacobs. “When we recycle, the environment is the winner.”

For more information on recycling, contact The Carroll-Columbiana-Harrison Solid Waste District at 330-627-7311 or toll free at 800-980-7311.  The office is located at 618 Canton Rd., NW, Suite B, Carrollton, and can be reached at info@recyclingmakessense.org or visit the website, www.recyclingmakessense.org.

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New containers make recycling easier; no separation required
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