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Shelter construction mainstay of 2013 agenda for animal protection league

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CCAPLThe Carroll County Animal Protection League (CCAPL) has reorganized and will continue its quest to raise funds to build a much-needed animal shelter for domestic animals.

The CCAPL, formed Jan. 17, 2007, purchased 5.393 acres along SR 43 in Harrison Twp. on which to build the no-kill shelter.  A groundbreaking ceremony took place in September 2011.  Floor plans are available for viewing on the group’s website. 

The group has begun planning fundraisers for 2013 and Eileen Rohrer, group president, noted, “We have 200 very supportive members.  Around 98 percent of fundraising expenses are paid by our members.”

The CCAPL meets the first Thursday of each month at 6:30 p.m. at the Carrollton Senior Friendship Center on Kensington Rd., Carrollton.  Membership is $15 for adults, age 18 years and older and $5 for junior members. 

For more information about the CCAPL, visit www.ccapl.webs.com.

Board of directors and officers are shown above.

They include:  front row (from left):  Shelley Albaugh, secretary and Eileen Rohrer, president.  Standing behind are:  Patti Willoughby, treasurer; Lynn Prince, board member; Lorna Whaley, vice president; and Lynette Fessenmeyer, board member. 

Board member Merle Albrecht was absent.

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Shelter construction mainstay of 2013 agenda for animal protection league

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